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STATEMENT OF PROBLEM  This research work is encouraged to help in highlighting the problems that militate against the application and effective utilization of budgeting and budgetary controls of Catholic Church in Delta State Asaba in Particular. Specifically, the following problems are addressed:

  1. The parish was unable to accomplish budget goals.
  2. There were variances between budgeted and actual performance in the parish.
  3. The committee members were unable to exercise control on the budget system because of lack of adequate experience.
  4. Even formulating master budget at parish level had been a problem and delayed previous year’s budgets.
  5. The parish was unable to monitor both compliance with and deviation from budget's target.

1.3        OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY  Budgets are essentially forward looking and provide the yardstick for the purposes of comparison. It is a means to an end and not an end itself; hence it covers the area of responsibility of one specified person so that his performance can be measured at the end of budget period.  These are the objectives of this study:

  1. To determine why the parish was unable to accomplish budget goals
  2. To find why there was variance between budgeted and actual performance in the parish
  3. To examine whether lack of experience contributed to        committee inefficiency in terms of budgetary control.
  4. To ascertain why there has been delay in formulation of budget.
  5. To find out why the parish was unable to monitor deviation      from budget target.

1.4   RESEARCH QUESTIONS  The following research questions have been formulated to help the researcher in data collection. They are:

  1. What are the problems of budgeting in your organization?
  2. To what extent does budget serve as an effective tool of    planning in your parish?
  3. To what extent do you think this parish was unable                                         to accomplish her budget goals?
  4. What are the causes of variances in your parish budget?
  5. To what extent does your parish analyze the budget variances?
  6. To what-extent are budgets use is for controlling in his parish?
  7. To what extent are committee members educated on the budgetary control system?
  8. What factor do you take into consideration in allocating cost?
  9. To what extent are deviations from budgetary targets monitored?
  10. To what extent does budgetary control aid your parish in decision making?

1.5     STATEMENT OF HYPOTHESIS      A hypothesis is defined as a proposition put forward as a basis for reasoning a supposition formulated data and presented as a temporary explanation in order to establish a basis for future research, produced data is accepted while the other one is rejected after a statistical analysis of the data.  In this study, the researcher worked with these hypotheses: H01:   Budgets are not effective means of planning.  H1:     Budgets are effective tool of planning. H02:    Catholic Churches in Delta State Asaba in particular does not use budget as a basis of control  H2:     Catholic Churches in Delta State Asaba in particular use budget as a basis of control H03:    Budgetary control does not aid Catholic Churches in Delta State Asaba in particular committee heads in decision making.  H3:     Budgetary control aid Catholic Churches in Delta State Asaba in particular in decision making.  H04:   Committee members are educated on budgetary control system.  H4:     Committee members are not educated on budgetary control system.

         1.6 SCOPE OF THE STUDY  This study covers the budgeting and budgetary control of Non Profit making Organization. The processes of budgeting in church are taken care of, starting from using level or unit level to parish level that is, preparing a masters budget for the parish.

1.7    SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY: It is important that after the formulation of budgets, all committee heads of Non Profit making Organization responsible for actual results and should accept the part they have to play in achieving them. Hence, this study is significant in the sense that:

  • It will aid non profit making to know whether budgeting play a role towards ensuring efficient rendering service.
  • It will help Catholic Church to know the role played by committee members in budgetary process and whether they ensure adherence to the budget.
  • It will be of help to non – profit making organization to know the role of budget as a tool for effective and efficient management of resources.
  • It will also aid future researchers on budgeting and budgetary control with emphasis on religious organization.