Agriculture Financing In Nigeria Problems And Prospect


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This project seeks to bring together existing state of knowledge and existing state of practice in agriculture sector new techniques have to be proven before they are adopted in the general practice.

Chapter one of this project will deal with the statement of problems rationale of study significance of study and definition of terms.

Chapter two will examine in details the related literature to the project.

Chapter three will deal with statement of hypotheses methodology of study and sources of data.

Chapter four will deal with presentation of data and analysis of data and also the discussion of results. 

Chapter five will deal with summary conclusion and suggestion

Finally I hope that this project will be of benefit to agriculture sector the student of training and finance and other researchers in related topics.

Table of Content




Table of content 

Chapter one


1.1 Statement of problem 

1.2 Rationale of study 

1.3 Significance of study 

1.4 Definition of terms 

Chapter two


2.1 An overview of the agriculture in Nigeria 

2.2 The role of the agricultural section in the Nigeria economy

2.3 Problem of agriculture finance 

2.4 Specialized financial institution in agricultural 

2.5 Prospect of institution financing agriculture

Chapter three

Statement of Hypotheses Methodology of Study Source of Data

3.1 Statement of hypotheses 

3.2 Methodology of study 

3.3 Source of data 

Chapter four

Data Presentation and Analysis of Data 

4.1 Presentation of data 

4.2 Analysis of data 

Chapter five

Summary Conclusion and Suggestion 

5.1 Summary 

5.2 Conclusion 

5.3 Suggestion 




The problem of low productivity and lack of improvement in agriculture has been traced to various causal factors.

One of such course is the lack of adequate finance to the agriculture’s. They complain that they do not have enough fund to carry on with their activities. We want to investigate the reasons why these farmers find it difficult to raise enough money to carry out their important work.

I will also investigate the ways of eliminating these problems. Several measures have been taken by the government to encourage agriculture financing in the country but they houses not yielded the necessary effect for they are established.

Agriculture Financing In Nigeria Problems And Prospect